Denver Open Round 2 vs Rose Atwell

Denver Open Round 2 vs Rose Atwell

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Hey Everyone!

Back at it again with the White Vans... and blog!  

I'm currently doing a streaming / youtube series on my games from the 2019 Denver Open. If you missed the memo, I somehow, I finished that event with a perfect 4-0 score (of the 4 games I played) and tied with GM Jesse Kraai for first place with a total of 4.5 points out of 5. You can see the final standings and crosstable here:

Nobody knows how this happened, least of all me. So don't ask! But if you're interested in some instructional analysis along with some very honest descriptions of my feelings and thoughts throughout that weekend, consider following one of my channels (Twitch or YouTube).

Either way, below is the written analysis I saved while streaming the live breakdown of my game vs the young and talented Rose Atwell. Rose, at only 10 years old, is a rising star (you heard it here first!). Though I got the better of her in this game, I'm not sure many more will in the years to come...

You can also click the YouTube video replay below.

I plan to stream Game 2 from Denver at some point in the next couple weeks. Thanks for watching and considering giving my YouTube channel a Sub, and my Twitch channel a Follow. 

Peace to the people.