Final Thoughts On Carlsen vs Caruana From Robert And Me

Final Thoughts On Carlsen vs Caruana From Robert And Me

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And then life went back to normal...

When the smoke cleared after November, despite all the action (and 12 rounds of no satisfaction ), nothing had really changed: Magnus Carlsen was still world champion, Fabiano Caruana, while still being America's number-one, was relegated to "just another candidate," and all of us (fans and commentators alike) were looking ourselves in the mirror, and wondering "how do I feel about that match?"

Well, hopefully enough time has passed for you, as it has for Robert and me, to finally let your hair down and take a more unbiased look back at what we witnessed from London. Like us, maybe you can express your appreciation for what these two great chess players gave us, and take solace in the fact that, in all likelihood, the better player won.

So here it is: Recorded just before I released Robert back to his family in New York , I asked him to join me one last time, as a special guest for my regular, weekly podcast "Coffeehouse Blunders" to give his (and put up with my) final thoughts on all that was the 2018 world chess championship.

Click play below to get our on/off-the-record-decompressing-therapeutic-closure-providing breakdown of Carlsen vs Caruana:

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