History Of Computer Chess: Video 1

History Of Computer Chess: Video 1

IM DanielRensch

Hey everyone, 

In my first video of a new series we're doing—an educational, historical retelling of the "rise of the machines" —I analyzed the final game of the match between Ostrick and Kaissa. You can view the video right here: https://www.chess.com/video/player/the-history-of-computer-chess.

If you're a premium member, I recommend you watch the video first, but regardless of membership status, I wanted to share my full, written analysis with everyone! I think even more advanced players will appreciate that the game below has more details, comments and variations than I was able to display in the video lecture.

This game was played in the final round of a match between computer Ostrick and computer Kaissa. With a victory, Ostrick could have tied the match and shared first:

By holding on and earning this final-round victory, Kaissa became the first-ever Computer World Chess Champion.

Hope you enjoyed it!