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"I didn’t know a priest could use bad language." -- Bobby Fischer

"I didn’t know a priest could use bad language." -- Bobby Fischer

Sep 21, 2015, 10:12 AM 30
The marketing team for Pawn Sacrifice recently shared with us a clip from the upcoming movie. This clip is available ONLY HERE and ONLY on Chess.com! How sweet is that? Enjoy and please share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and the works!
Interesting, to say the least!
As a chess professional, my first instinct is to go into "criticism mode" of Maguire's setup of the board and comments, over-dramatizing what would certainly be a much more clerical task for the great Bobby Fischer (to remember a position and display a winning combination to his friend, GM and now priest Bill Lombardy). If such a conversation ever truly took place, it likely happened in their heads, reviewing the game blindfolded in post-mortem conversation.
And I'm sure it's unlikely he referred to a piece as being "loaded up like a machine gun," or that Lombardy was actually surprised by the final move ...Re3! pinning and winning the queen (and enough to curse out loud? A GM would have seen that coming of course).
That said, let's now take the chess fan perspective, or even further, let's take the "curious and casual fan, impressed by chess and Fischer's genius" point of view. From there, the point the scene was trying to convey about both Fischer's passion, will to win, and his unapologetic approach to crushing every opponent he and his teammates ever faced does the job! It does a great job!
And it's actually quite enjoyable to watch. I laughed out loud, surprised when Lombardy cursed and Fischer's clever response. Sort of proving to his friend that he's still a grandmaster who cares about winning and the truth on the chessboard, not just about peaceful relations.
Anyway, let me know your thoughts everyone! Thanks for watching and sharing

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