Some Awesome Changes This Way Comes!

Some Awesome Changes This Way Comes!

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Aug 15, 2014, 1:09 PM |

Hi Family,

We are making some changes to a few of our regular content schedules / products and I figured the best way to inform you all of how much I love you was in a song (um, blog Tongue Out). By the way, whatever happened to the days where it was totally cool to just "Go Zac Efron on this" and bust out into a Highschool Musical rendition of "I'll Have to Say I Love You in a Song"?

Before you keep reading, you should know that this blog is only relevant if you're a fan of our YouTube Channel, Bullet Brawls, my videos,, Dan Heisman, his show, his group, The Master's Bulletin and pretty much all things awesome.

So if you're not a fan of something amazing:

Then mozzy on...

First, starting next week my Bullet Brawls will be published on Wednesday's not Thursdays. That's it. No big deal, but I wanted you to know. Mark your calendars!

Secondly, look for more original YouTube videos and ***drum roll*** my personal return to making more regular videos here on as well.

Not just Live Sessions Wink but hardcore lessons I've been preparing for some time that are guaranteed to blow your mind, open your hearts, and leave you breathless... or at least teach you something about chess! (Don't leave it in the comments... yes, I will be doing more Pawn Structure 101 videos at some point this year too... calm down...)

And finally, about me:

I will also be making more regular content contributions to (for all the kiddies out there who shouldn't be reading my blog here or commenting with the adults on anyway).

Enough about me! Let's talk about Dan!

Dan Heisman has the biggest fan following of any content contributor on our site! Don't believe me, have you see his Group? So whenever we make changes to his regular schedule of articles, TV Shows, etc - we like to let the masses know so I don't have a riot of Dan-Fans attacking me with "what have you done with Coach Heisman" questions?

Yes, he is related to:

and he personally offered to do this exact stance / impression in his next "Q & A with Coach Heisman" show! Surprised So don't let him off the hook (sorry Dan, I couldn't resist! Innocent)

Dan Heisman's regular TV Show will officially be moving to 1 Show per month and it will *always* be on the first Friday of the month! So for those of you with good questions, save them and get them answered on that day!

And it was known throughout the land that, from this blog forward, the first Friday of every month shall be referred to as: TGIDHF!

In September, Dan will also be launching a regular column in our Master's Bulletin magazine called "Puzzles with a Point". A column designed to offer instructive points on the common calcualtion, strategical, psychological, etc mistakes when approaching certain types of tactics / puzzles, etc. We could not be MORE excited about this!

So, his schedule as of September will be:

  • 1 Q & A with Coach Heisman Show on the first Friday of each month (September's show, however, will be September 12th - just to confuse you - but after that it will be the first Friday of each month);
  • 1 Article "recapping" the best questions and most instructive takeaways from his show for those who prefer their "Dan-Dosage" in writing;
  • 1 "Puzzles with a Point" column in The Master's Bulletin;

And that's Dan! So basically, we are trading one TV Show for 1 Master's Bulletin column.

Finally, I wanted to announce that we will once again be partnering with the CCSCSL in Saint Louis to have their official coverage of the Sinquefield Cup embedded to our channel on! Don't miss any of the action of the world's strongest (EVER!!!) chess tournament!

Thanks everyone!