The Day Leela Changed Computer Chess
Can an artificial intelligence learn to troll?

The Day Leela Changed Computer Chess

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When my "engine-obsessed" teammate -- you know who you are, @Pete  -- gave me a heads up that "Danny, you might wanna check out this game!", I reacted as I normally do: "Pete, these are computers here! I'm watching the Sinquefield Cup!"

Turns out I was wrong to assume the best chess on the planet is currently being played in St. Louis.

I hope you enjoy my breakdown of this legendary performance by the machine-learning engine Lc0, nicknamed "Leela." The game was taken from preliminary testing for an upcoming computer chess championship event (more on that next week!). 

I analyzed the game deeply (well, took a few hours between yesterday and today) to give my thoughts, and provide some (potentially?) instructive takeaways from the queen of computer chess herself: the legendary Leela!

I hope you took your time working through the game above, and check out my video recap here when you get a chance.

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Peace, my Chess.comrades.

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