The State of

The State of

IM DanielRensch
Aug 9, 2013, 10:57 AM |

Beginning next week, plans to bring its members a new monthly segment on Chess/TV: The State of

(This warrants its  very own news posts today because it was missed in FM Mike Klein's recent blog post / announcement about all that is coming to this fall.) 

The show will air next Wednesday, August 14th at 11:30 AM Pacific, providing a chance for Erik, our CEO and co-founder, to hear from members like you! And perhaps he will also give a few peaks behind the scenes and drop some hints about what's in the works for!

Erik will field questions and comments in an open-forum-style show... What about? That's up to us!

How can be improved? What do you like best about that we aren't giving you enough of? What's around the corner as far as features and designs? Why has Danny stopped making so many videos, and why does he constantly refer to himself in the third person? ...all this and anything else we can think up and ask in the live chat during the broadcast! Erik will select the best questions, or at least the ones that catch his eye, during each 30-minute program.

UPDATE: We will be giving out a few prizes including memberships and a T-shirt!

More from Chess/TV can be found on the schedule page! Mark your calendars for all our shows, and look ahead for a special "Meet the Team" on August 28th, live from their international meet-up in New York.