London System with endgame demonstrating Principle of Two Weaknesses

Aug 31, 2009, 9:55 AM |

I began my Colorado chess season playing in the Pikes Peak Open, which was held in the City Hall of Manitou Springs, Colorado.

The event was very well run, and had only one section (Open) which allowed me to get a ton of experience playing strong competitors. I did not do so well, but I did learn a lot from the games. My issue is typically psychological than chess knowledge as I have a bad habit of not sticking with a sound exhaustive move selection technique. Part of the blame (on me of course) is that horrible habit of playing way too much bullet and blitz chess on the internet. It seems to degrade my game and playing strength when it comes time to play slow OTB tournament games.

The following is a game from one of the earlier rounds of the tournament where I play a conservative Queens Pawn game. It demonstrates in the endgame an example of how the principle of two weaknesses is employed: