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What to do when defending a bad position?

What to do when defending a bad position?

Sep 13, 2009, 3:57 PM 0

This was my last round of the 2007 World Open. That year it was held outside of Philadelphia at Valley Forge. Dimitri Shevelev and I share a suite at the Sheraton and drove back and forth to the convention center. This was a really well run tournament I must say. At Round 9 I was tired and I had won my previous 3 round games and was looking forward to dinner with FIDE Master Dimitri Shevelev prior to my drive back that evening from Philadelphia to Washington, D.C. for work the next day at the American Red Cross (I was a consultant running deployment of a new blood banking system there at that time and just stayed over for the weekend to play in this tournament). I added some annotations at critical junctures to this game.

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