Where I post random games of mine.

    • Draw Offers, "Joke" Titles and Beheadings

      "For the crime of stealing a basket of dried fruit, I hereby sentence you to death." The King trembled in fury, for he was rather fond of dried fruit. The prisoner, for his part, trembled in fear and the courtiers trembled in awe. There was a lot ... | Read More

    • Australian Open: Part 3

      In the final rounds I managed 2/3, despite facing extremely unpleasant endgames in rounds 9 and 10, and an objectively losing position in the 11th.   In round 9, I completely misevaluated the IQP position, thinking that I had a strong attack. M... | Read More

    • Australian Open: Part 2

      Warning: Draws ahead After starting with -1, I was anxious for another win. Unfortunately, my opponents just played too well (for me) and I would often have to scramble just to save the draw.   Round 5 was the first time I had played against t... | Read More

    • Australian Open: Part 1

      The Australian Open just concluded, and was won by GM Ni Hua with a phenomenal 10.5/11. My own score was a little more modest, but I'm still happy with my performance, finishing on 5.5/11 and a performance rating of 1950. The time controls were 90... | Read More

    • Highlights from the Australian Juniors

      I recently finished playing in the Australian Junior Chess Championships; the tournament was won on 7.5/9 by FM Anton Smirnov, the only titled player in the event. The games were played at 90 mins/player/game with a 30-second increment. This was ... | Read More

    • Autumn One-day Tournament - Pushing

      Last week I played in a one-day tournament, with time controls of 15 min/player/game. I was seeded 8th. After relatively insipid results recently, mainly due to my tendency to accept early draws, I made sure I pushed for the win in every game. A... | Read More

    • Controlled Agression

      I recently played in an OTB tournament spanning two days, at 30min/player/game. I finished a somewhat disappointing equal eighth with eleven others (ninth on tiebreak) with a score of 7.5/11 (I was seeded fifth). I lost to the top two seeds, drew... | Read More

    • Nationals w00t!

      After winning the intermediate interschools comp (the games were not as tough as expected so I won't be posting them) we entered a four-school playoff to select a NSW representative school in the national competition later this year. The quality ... | Read More

    • Closest 4-0 victory ever?

      After winning our division for the comp (Division 1), we played against the winners from other divisions. We beat our B Team 4-0 (Division 2 winners) and had a match today against the Div 3 winners. We expected an easy win: they had scored only 3... | Read More

    • Winter Two-day Tournament: Equal 2nd

      In a recent tournament (over 2 days) I came =2nd with 8.5/11, conceding a loss and three draws. I scored 5/5 on the first day, the highlight of which was a major upset win over the top seed in Round 5.   I lost in Round Six, mainly due to som... | Read More