Autumn One-day Tournament - Pushing

CM Data_Pillars
Apr 24, 2013, 9:13 PM |

Last week I played in a one-day tournament, with time controls of 15 min/player/game. I was seeded 8th.

After relatively insipid results recently, mainly due to my tendency to accept early draws, I made sure I pushed for the win in every game.

After four straight wins against lower-rated players (including a couple of endgame grinds), the second half of the tournament had me play against four of the eight other players rated above 900 JCL.

I feel I could have made more of my attack in Round 5, but I think I played the endgame pretty well.

My opponent in Round 6 is a very aggressive player, and I feel he missed a lot of good chances in the opening with his eye towards the Kingside.

A win in Round 7 would have given me at least equal first. The advantage shifted several times, but I lost on time in the end.

I made a careful draw against the ninth seed in the final round to finish equal third with four others on 6.5/8, behind two players who scored 7/8.