Closest 4-0 victory ever?

CM Data_Pillars
Aug 17, 2012, 3:51 AM |

After winning our division for the comp (Division 1), we played against the winners from other divisions. We beat our B Team 4-0 (Division 2 winners) and had a match today against the Div 3 winners.

We expected an easy win: they had scored only 32/40 in Division 3, whereas we had won our division with 27.5/28. Moreover, they had only two rated players, around 400 and 500 JCL, while our entire team was rated over 800.

It was shocking.

I don't know if we were rusty, or underestimated them, but our Board 4 game (mine) was pretty much the only "clean win".


Our Board 3 established a winning position out of the opening, then blundered his Queen to be down a Queen for a Rook. Assisted by his opponent, he then clawed his way back to an equalish position, (Rook and two Bishops vs Queen) but managed to win after setting a trap to win the opposing Queen for a Bishop.



I don't know much about what happened on Board 2, unfortunately, but I do know it was far from an easy win. When I find out more about it, I might post something on it.


Our Board 1 seemed in terrible form. He tried out 1.e4 instead of his usual 1.d4, lost The Exchange in an unfamiliar position, and at one point his opponent had a forced mate in 7!



Here too, we were lucky, and his opponent missed the mate and walked into a mating sequence himself.


25...Rxc2 26.Qd4+ Kc6??


Next week, we have a gruelling match against Bye ;)
Since we won the interdivisional, we'll eventually move to the regionals, where we lost last year in the semifinals. I anticipate some fun games there ;)