Closest 4-0 victory ever?

After winning our division for the comp (Division 1), we played against the winners from other divisions. We beat our B Team 4-0 (Division 2 winners) and had a match today against the Div 3 winners.

We expected an easy win: they had scored only 32/40 in Division 3, whereas we had won our division with 27.5/28. Moreover, they had only two rated players, around 400 and 500 JCL, while our entire team was rated over 800.

It was shocking.

I don't know if we were rusty, or underestimated them, but our Board 4 game (mine) was pretty much the only "clean win".


Our Board 3 established a winning position out of the opening, then blundered his Queen to be down a Queen for a Rook. Assisted by his opponent, he then clawed his way back to an equalish position, (Rook and two Bishops vs Queen) but managed to win after setting a trap to win the opposing Queen for a Bishop.



I don't know much about what happened on Board 2, unfortunately, but I do know it was far from an easy win. When I find out more about it, I might post something on it.


Our Board 1 seemed in terrible form. He tried out 1.e4 instead of his usual 1.d4, lost The Exchange in an unfamiliar position, and at one point his opponent had a forced mate in 7!



Here too, we were lucky, and his opponent missed the mate and walked into a mating sequence himself.


25...Rxc2 26.Qd4+ Kc6??


Next week, we have a gruelling match against Bye ;)
Since we won the interdivisional, we'll eventually move to the regionals, where we lost last year in the semifinals. I anticipate some fun games there ;)


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    That's it! North Sydney Boys A team. Our board one was a tall (taller than me) aussie, board two was an asian with acne (shorter than me), our board three was an even shorter asian with acne and our fourth board was an asian girl under my height.........if you played them, you must have recognised them! So do you? Names from board 1 to 4: Harlan ( account is 'Harlanikin'), Leiming ('famer'), Ruben (doesn't have an account) and Lucy ('1ucie'). You can search them and befriend the three of them if you like.

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    Lalit, did you verse our school's intermediate chess team? They played at the finals on Friday the 17th (Chatswood High School) against North Sydney Boys or something........

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