Tough Stuff...

CM Data_Pillars
Jun 24, 2012, 2:33 AM |

Just played Board 2 for our school's B team in a one-day teams tournament. We were playing in the Open Division, which meant lots of tough games. I scored 3.5/7 in total, but against strong players (i.e., >800 NSWJCL), I scored a not-so-impressive 1/4 :(

Below are some of the games to the best of my memory (move-order may be different in some places).

I expected to win the first round game easily, but after a missed tactic, ended up only just saving the draw.



I lost my remaining three games, one of which I can't remember :P

The first loss was against our A team (who eventually won the tournament). We managed a draw on Board 1, our Board 3 flagged in a superior position, and our Board 2 witnessed the following tragedy:


I never really had many chances in the next game. I blundered two pawns in the opening, and fell to an attack on my King.

So all in all a fairly unsatisfying tournament, but a good experience nonetheless :)