Winter Two-day Tournament: Equal 2nd

In a recent tournament (over 2 days) I came =2nd with 8.5/11, conceding a loss and three draws.

I scored 5/5 on the first day, the highlight of which was a major upset win over the top seed in Round 5.


I lost in Round Six, mainly due to some pretty poor endgame technique.

I had an irritating draw against a lower rated player in Round 7, when I had King, Bishop and Knight vs King but did not know how to win >:(

Round 8 saw a nice miniature against a player of similar strength.











I drew in the next round against the player who eventually won on 10/11 (1.5 points ahead of 2nd!) I was actually winning easily, but played carelessly near the end.


After a tough win in Round 10, I was equal 2nd with my opponent on 8/10. We were both fairly tired after the previous rounds, and we had a quick "grandmaster draw".



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    Yes, I'm far more blitz orientated now and much better haha, actually my ACF rapid is 2,045 so my rapid rating is higher than my FIDE blitz now :).

  • 3 years ago

    CM Data_Pillars

    @IMJackRodgers: side effects of playing so much bullet Laughing

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    Round 8 game was against me :) haha, back when i mindlessly took pieces without thinking of the consequences

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    CM Data_Pillars

    Thanks for the analysis, fzweb ;) 22...Bxh3 in the first game looks interesting, but I lose all mating chances after 23. Rxc8+ :(

    I am afraid, though, that I don't quite understand how Black can claim an edge after 23. Rxc8+. 23...Qxc8 attacks the Rf1 and Na8, but White has 24. Ra1. And if 23...Bxc8, attacking the Nf3 and Na8, then White surely has the zwischenzug 24.Qa5 threatening mate and defending the Na8, followed by defending/moving the Nf3? So what is the idea?

    EDIT: Oh hang on, 23...Qxc8 24.Ra1 Qg4+, I went blind for a moment there ;)

    And special thanks for the second game endgame analysis, I really need all the help I can get on my endgames :/

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    WOW! Epiccccccccccc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Against the 886:

    After 8...Qb6, Houdini liked cxd5 (0.85) and if Qxb2, Nge2, Rb1 and Nxd5 is good. After the queen swap its 0.36

    Houdini didn't really like Nb5 (-0.14). Nd6+ was unnecessary, just develop.

    At move 16, Ne2, Rhb8, O-O, Rxb3, Rxa7+ is 0.05. Bh3 is an inaccuracy (-0.33) while Kd2 is also not so good (-0.17).

    Instead of 17. Kd2 (-0.19), Houdini prefers your variation except instead of Nf4, O-O is 0.00.

    After move 26 (rooks swapped), Houdini evaluates as -0.05 and liked b4 (you really needed to play that). 27. Kc3 is -0.25. Instead of ...Kd6 (-0.02), Rf7 -0.25.

    After 29...a5, Ra1 is better (-0.08). Rc1, Rxc1, Kxc1 is -0.22.

    34. b4 was indeed a blunder, instead h4, Kd2, g4 or Kc2 may have saved you the draw.

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    Blunder check with Houdini.

    Against the 1142:

    Didn't like 11.b4, evaluating as -0.8. At move 15, he deviated with Bxb5 instead of Nxb5 (as Houdini suggested). Instead of Na6 (-0.17), Rc8!, O-O, Rxc3, Qxc3, Qxb5 (-2).

    17. Bxa6?! (-0.4) Houdini liked Bd3 or g4

    18. g4?!, Ne4! (-0.8). Instead, Bd7 is -0.61 and Bd3 is -0.5

    19. g5? it is now -1.1. After Nh5, Nd5, Houdini likes Bf8 or Rxc1 or Nxf4 but your Kh8 would have also kept most of the advantage.

    After Nc7, Qb7, Nxa8, Bxh3! was strongest (-0.79). After Qxf3?, the variation you posted is indeed white's best (1.23).

    After the huge blunder Qa5??, Rxa8 is now -8.19 and after that, nothing worth mentioning happened.

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