Winter Two-day Tournament: Equal 2nd

CM Data_Pillars
Jul 6, 2012, 3:35 AM |

In a recent tournament (over 2 days) I came =2nd with 8.5/11, conceding a loss and three draws.

I scored 5/5 on the first day, the highlight of which was a major upset win over the top seed in Round 5.


I lost in Round Six, mainly due to some pretty poor endgame technique.

I had an irritating draw against a lower rated player in Round 7, when I had King, Bishop and Knight vs King but did not know how to win >:(

Round 8 saw a nice miniature against a player of similar strength.











I drew in the next round against the player who eventually won on 10/11 (1.5 points ahead of 2nd!) I was actually winning easily, but played carelessly near the end.


After a tough win in Round 10, I was equal 2nd with my opponent on 8/10. We were both fairly tired after the previous rounds, and we had a quick "grandmaster draw".