Pending events

Jan 9, 2009, 10:06 PM |

Strange, this site doesn't seem to keep track of events you've entered but haven't started yet.  So guess I'll track them here...   Not the coolest blog topic, but it's a start.  Wink

Fast Players vs The Best

This one has a rating range, so it should be a good matchup.  Currently 1499 vs 1495.

Narz's People vs The Power of Chess

This one didn't have rating ranges, and Narz's People is a pretty small group.  I'm a big underdog in this one, 1495 vs 2170.  This site doesn't seem to have the :eek: smiley.

Fou Rouge vs Narz's People

Small group vs small group.  I'll enter tentatively and see whether enough people from both sides join to make it a reasonable matchup.