How to play against Budapest gambit

Mar 20, 2018, 5:41 AM |

Playing against the Budapest gambit is anything but easy and if you think white has some kind of forced win, you are terribly wrong. Usually, "aggressive tactical players" are the ones who love Budapest gambit. And who are the ones who hate it? Well, exactly the same ones: Aggressive tactical players. The problem with Budapest gambit is that white can sidestep all tactics by returning the pawn and simply playing natural moves. The main positions usually offer White the bishop pair or a lead in development but you must know what you are doing.

                                                        Diagram 1.

Now  Black can either willingly surrender the bishop pair (10...Bxd2) or try to preserve it(10...d6, 10...Ng6) but neither of these options is especially satisfying.Let's first see what happens if Black tries to preserve the pair of bishops.

                                                       Diagram 2.

                                                       Diagram 3.



If Black surrenders the bishop pair then White must try to create targets on q-side.

                                                       Diagram 4.



                                                        Diagram 5

                                                       Diagram 6.             

                                                       Diagram 7.

Diagram 8.

 These are not some cherrypicked games. Miezis has a very bad score in this position(1 win, 1 draw, 5 defeats). It would be unfair not to post his win.

                                                           Diagram 9.


   The last game shows something we all know very well  but  never ceases to amaze me:

A small slip is enough to create winning chances out of nothing.

The draw is also interesting.

                                                         Diagram 10.

    Since I posted a lot of defeats of GM Miezis I would like to post one of his best wins along with a question:

What does a tactical genius find appealing in the tactically dry positions of Budapest gambit?

                                                        Diagram 11.