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My First Win Over An FM

My First Win Over An FM

Jan 22, 2018, 9:18 AM 11

On Martin Luther Kind Jr. Day (1/15/18) I went to one of my local clubs, The Marshall Chess Club. They were holding a G25 d5 (game in 25 minutes with a 5 second delay) event. It was all one big open section, and I was an underdog. In my first round, I see I am going up against FM Leif Pressman. My first reaction was, "Oh great, time to get wrecked." Not only was he an FM, he was a STRONG FM, rated 2446. However, I was ready to fight and give him my best game. So here it is.



What a game! I thought I got a little lucky though, because I don't think he played to the best of his ability, either because he underestimated me or because of the time (even though we both were low.) 

I wound up finishing the tournament 4/6, and going up 99 points, up to 1838. I lost to a 2102, beat an unrated, lost to a 1938, beat a 1557, and finally beat a 1995.


For anyone that doesn't believe this, you can find the tournament at this link. I came is 8th place and the FM got 13th place.



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