Quest to 2200! Fayetteville Open

Quest to 2200! Fayetteville Open

Feb 22, 2018, 8:10 PM |

How do players train? How do strong players think? How do great chess players ascend to near meta-human status when it comes to their chess? These are the questions most aspiring players seek answers to. They go on their own path and quest for these answers. 

I have recently decided to start blogging as my goal is to reach 2200 and beyond and writing about the tournaments I will be playing in just to put thought into paper and after reading Bryan Smith's Travelling Chess Player decided to give it a try myself. I encourage anyone who likes reading about life abroad the US, good chess and crazy experiences to read it. 



I recently moved from Miami to good ole North Carolina. A culture shock. Miami is a youthful vibrant city while NC is definitely more historic, cold, and tranquil in comparison. 

A little about about Miami chess scene. 

It seems you can find a titled player anywhere in Miami or at least someone good enough to give you a tough game. Alot of these players hail from Cuba or South America trying to better their lives in the US. Most have given up playing in open tournaments to try to make a come up by working. The good thing is their is never shortage of strong players in the Miami area! The bad part is that there are no major tournaments in the city of Miami !!????!! thumbdown.png On a later blogpost I might go into more depth on this subject.




Now we come to the chess scene in NC and the Fayetteville Open. 

Most chess players who watch sports as well as TV and live outside of NC associate NC with 2 NCAA schools - Duke and UNC. Both are major college basketball powerhouses and their football programs are on the rise! What a lot of chess players don't know is that NC is a powerhouse also in chess. It is the total opposite from Miami. In NC you have great tournaments where you can play great events in most major cities. NC even hosts the US Masters where players come from all parts of the world to norm hunt or win a big prize or simply get experience granted you are over 2200. 


I recently decided to play in as many tournaments as i could to improve my chess. I looked up the Fayetteville Open and decided to play it. I was skeptical since i had not really done anything special but (bathroom read) Panchenko's middlegame book and some tactics on But i had to stop contemplating and just go. 



On the ride to the tournament after my girlfriend and I had some Starbucks she set the mood in the car for what was the rest of the day playing EDM music since she knows that would pump me up. We arrived at the Church where the tournament was being held after about a 1hr 20min ride. I kind of expected a higher turnout. To our surprise literally across the street was a Publix! Coming from Florida made us appreciate it more since there are none near where we live in Durham. If you never had a Publix sub i challenge you to give it a try ! Your move. 



Rd 2

 Here i encourage you to find the best move for black?



Rd 3


In retrospect I need to sharpen my theory on the white side. The game in Rd 3 had me sweating. I got nothing out of the opening. Will continue to work on Panchenkos middle game books. Any feed back is greatly appreciated (remember I am new to this happy.png)