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Anyone interested in Tactical strategy game outside Chess??

Anyone interested in Tactical strategy game outside Chess??

Jun 27, 2014, 11:25 PM 17

Just putting it out there... Incase others like more than just Chess.com. I also play a App based game on my Android, also available on iPhone network, called Clash of Clans. 

Many of you may have seen ads for it, but thought it was no diff than anyother Game app out there... let me tell you... THIS IS MUCH BETTER. Although there are boosts to purchase for game should you choose... you can play the game, with access to every single building and unit available in game, ABSOLUTELY FREE... The base layout in the above picture is just a shot from Google about a L9 base layout I found. I'm only L6 base. The options are endless...


If anyone checks out the game, or already in the game... I'm in a Clan (group of commoners, like a group, though in CoC, can only be involved in ONE), called Quantum Works, and I'm the 2nd in command in the Clan. We are often looking for more clan mates. 

Comments and questions are welcome below. Please be courteous in your opinions. I don't mind those that dislike the game, don't dislike me. 


God Bless!

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