Carls Jr USCF Weekly Wed Tournament


So this starts my 3rd OTB rated Tournament. I came across info of this tournament from a parent I've met through a prior scholastic chess event. This was my first tournament outside of Chess Emporium. I like this tournament, for the mere fact of the Challenge, these guys are GOOD. Even if I lose all my games with these guys for a long time, as long as I have my notations, with something to learn, I will get stronger. Being unrated still (with only 5 games in my belt, my provisional was about 1085-1100), I was shocked to see my first pairing was an exceptionally high rating.

This particular tournament is run by a guy in The Mesa Chess club, who, if I understand correctly, also runs the ASU Chess club. He hosts these Tournaments every Wed at the Carl's Jr on Southern, cross the street from MCC, next to McD's, at 7pm. Only $2 to enter, though your first time in, is free. I didn't realise though, I was in... way over my head, as my first pairing was against a 1900+. What's more difficult, is the time control is Game in 20, with 3s delay... not a lot of time to notate/think. If enough show up, 4 rounds in one night. 

Without further delay,

Round 1;

That was as interesting a game as playing someone 800+ above you, can be. Unfortunately, I started that game assuming off the bat I was going to lose, because he was about 800 points higher, so I guess I was destined to lose. It's all about attitude. But I definately have a lot to learn from him. 

Next opponent was closer in rating to myself, which I felt a little more comfortable about, but the game was half in length, and although I opened with my Q's G, I certainly made the wrong moves during. After he made a big blunder, game should of been mine, and clearly was not. 

Round 2;

Too many mistakes were made on that game. Simply a game of BLUNDERS. Looking back through it, creating this blog for all of you, I surely see I could of won this game, very easily. A blundered game! Will be hard to forget this game. 

Next round was vs someone eve closer to my rating, so I though, surely I have a chance. 

Round 3;

So 3rd round, made a few mistakes again, though I had real good chances in that game aswell. Again, I should of won this one. 
Next and final round, rating went a little higher than last two, and just as challenging. 
Round 4;
A few more mistakes to learn from in this game; plenty from this tournament, to give me many lessons to study. Going 0-4 in this event, my overall official is at 3-6, however as mentioned, the prior tournament concludes a few days after this one, going 4-6.