Mikhail Botvinnik

Mikhail Botvinnik

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Mikhail Botvinnik (1911-1995) was the sixth World Chess Champion.

Botvinnik was "the first world-class player to develop within the Soviet Union. He also played a major role in the organization of chess, making a significant contribution to the design of the World Chess Championship system after World War II and becoming a leading member of the coaching system that enabled the Soviet Union to dominate top-class chess during that time. His pupils include World Champions Anatoly Karpov, Garry Kasparov and Vladimir Kramnik" [Wikipedia:].

Reuben Fine commented that "Botvinnik's style is a hard one to grasp at first sight. But a closer study reveals a very consistent thread--he always seeks out the most complicated positions. If a move leads to a good fight he is for it. For this reason he sticks to certain favorite openings which he knows to perfection" [Reuben Fine, The World's Great Chess Games (1951), 235.]

Botvinnik vs. Lasker--1936

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