My errant queen. Crowborough Rapid Play Rd 6

Nov 14, 2012, 2:32 PM |

Of all the pieces on the board, the one which I am most likely to put on the wrong square is my queen.

Beginners quickly learn the destructive power of the queen and try to use her to massacre their opponents.  As players become better at handling the other pieces they learn the queen must also be defended.  It is often poor play if she becomes exposed, worst still if she is trapped.  In many positions she lurks at the back co-ordinating both defence and attack.

And this is what I find so difficult, finding the right square for my queen.  Her power radiates in all directions so it can make a big difference where she is postioned.  Also she can get in the way. 

In this game - the advantage swings to my opponent as I allow my queen to be chased around the board.  First I fail to put her on the best attacking squares and then I miss the key defensive squares.

Strangely, in time pressure my opponent also pays the price for not being accurate with his queen.

So many queen moves.

Lesson to learn - your queen is your most important piece and due care must be taken when deciding which square to put her.