Southampton Inaugral Rapid Play - Rd 1 How not to convert a middlegame advantage.


This weekend I played in the inaugral rapid play tournament in Southampton.  It was a great experience. 

My results were mixed, six good games - all of which were interesting and I got into good positions but not enough wins.

However, my two boys did my proud, with Matty winning the U100 BCF grading prize with 3/6  pts in the U140 section - not bad for a 9 year old.  His brother, Thomas aged 11, won the game between them but had a tougher draw.  He did well to score 2.5 pts in the same section.

My game from Rd 1

So just how does black create the conditions for a win after move 16.

1)  Play with all your pieces - the R on h8 entered the game too late.

2) Play essential moves rather than 'nice plans'.  The king was always going to e7 - so play it there early.  The knight tour from d5 to d4 was ineffectual.

3) Make weaknesses in your opponents position - not your own. 23 ...h5 was a waste of a move.


And above all - be patient  - remember your opponent has to find moves too.  The better your position the harder it will be for him.