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Solitaire Chess

Apr 29, 2008, 4:27 PM 10,896 Reads 6 Comments

Many years ago my son was in his bedroom working through a set of chess problems with the help of a board and pieces.  When one of his friends came to visit I said, "He's inside playing with himself."


Since joining chess  com last year I've realised there is a parallel between solo chess and solitaire.

It's not the apparent solitude of sitting at a computer playing somebody on the other side of the world; after all, they're real people and it's a real game.  It's the problem caused by the extremely slow navigation from game to game.

To get around it I started running a solitaire game alongside the chess.com interface.  Now I just play a game or two or while I'm waiting for the screen to load.

Thank heaven I've got ADSL2+ ... it must take forever on dial-up. 

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