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Many years ago my son was in his bedroom working through a set of chess problems with the help of a board and pieces.  When one of his friends came to visit I said, "He's inside playing with himself."


Since joining chess  com last year I've realised there is a parallel between solo chess and solitaire.

It's not the apparent solitude of sitting at a computer playing somebody on the other side of the world; after all, they're real people and it's a real game.  It's the problem caused by the extremely slow navigation from game to game.

To get around it I started running a solitaire game alongside the interface.  Now I just play a game or two or while I'm waiting for the screen to load.

Thank heaven I've got ADSL2+ ... it must take forever on dial-up. 


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    Are you sure you didn't learn that from a leprechaun?
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    ah yes there is a knack to it. In the DOS window, left mouse click at the top left on the little C:\ icon

    Then choose properties, and in options tick quickedit mode and ok.

    run the tracert and then at the far bottom right of all the text (the whole screen width of relevant text),  left mouse click and hold down and drag up and across over all the relevant text. Then press right mouse button which copies it to clipboard. It only works that way round. 

    Then paste it into the window here (Ctrl + v)


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    Ran the tracert three times while it was going well, for similar results.  That was between 0400-0500 this morning.)  It's beginning to slow down now.  I'll start timing a few other sites and see what happens.  Could be an exchange problem that builds up as the day goes on.

    BTW, except for a screen dump I can't think how to copy the tracert results from the DOS prompt into a windows program.  I see you were able to do it.  What's the procedure? 

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    Ahhh if it takes longer than a few seconds there is a problem. Granted at times in the day it will be busier so slower but shouldnt be that slow.. Run a tracert as i showed ye when it is ok and when its slow and post the results and we can work out where the bottleneck is. It could be between you and your local exchange (though all sites would be slow then) or could be between Oz and the intercontinental pipe or somewhere else. If so we can work out where and what ye can do about it.
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    Many thanks, your worship.  That's something I didn't know about.  (I know how to use a keyboard  but that's virtually the end of my computer knowledge.)  Yesterday, early in the morning, the site response time was normal.  By 0900 it was down to a couple of minutes (or more) for each move, by afternoon it was a matter of clicking on the game then leaving the room to do something else while I waited for it to move -- and I'm talking 15 minutes or more for this to happen--or, sometimes, just to time out.

    So all that bears out what you  said about different times of the day.

    It's 0400 here now and, with luck, I'll get a couple of hours in before the delays come again.

    I wondered if there was a problem with my Firefox browser, but it seems to work OK with everything else.

    I've just come on line now with a swag of overnight moves to answer, but as soon as I've run through them I'll have a look at that response time.

    Appreciate yourhelp.

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    heh. Yep, the site can be slow to load for me too, especially at some times in the day.

    Here is something to try.. because unfortunately our own internet speed is not always the main factor in load time. At issue is also the latency of the site compared to where we are the route between the server and us, and also load pressure on the site, which is dependent upon the quality of the server itself being able to cope.

    In Windows, click Start and choose "Run" . In the dox promt, type "tracert" then enter. This will run for a few seconds showing the route between you and the server. It will also show you the "lag" between hops in milliseconds. The higher the time, the slower the response will be. Sometimes if there is a problem somewhere you will see a big spike. 

    An example for me is:

     Tracing route to []
    over a maximum of 30 hops:

      1     1 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms  home.gateway [xxxxxxxxxx]
      2    49 ms    43 ms    43 ms []
      3    46 ms    43 ms    45 ms []

      4    47 ms    50 ms    44 ms []
      5   113 ms   114 ms   111 ms [72.52.92
      6   132 ms   127 ms   125 ms [72.52.92
      7   157 ms   165 ms   155 ms [72.52.92
      8   199 ms   185 ms   192 ms [72.52.92
      9   187 ms   189 ms   186 ms
     10   191 ms   188 ms   187 ms []

     11   187 ms   189 ms   187 ms []

     12   186 ms   186 ms   186 ms []

    Trace complete.

    So for me there is a delay of about 0.2 seconds to the site, at this time. I imagine for ye, Dozy, it will be higher due to the distance from Oz to USA. 186 isnt too bad actually from Ireland to the USA. Of course then one has to add on time to actually load the pages coupled with load on the server, which all makes a page load in about 1.5 seconds for me. (im on fast adsl line too)(ps if you post your results, xxx out the first line of numbers which is your ip address, just to be safe rather than putting it on the net)

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