Alan Turing Pardoned

Dec 26, 2013, 4:59 AM |

Alan Turing was the inventor of the modern electronic computer. The purpose of his invention was to break the German code during WW2 so that the British air force could shoot down the German bombers who were attacking England and killing countless people. Today the computer is used for many important applications, one of the least important of which is chess. The Queen of England, who to this day, presides over a world wide empire has seen fit to pardon Alan Turing who after volunteering to use his great mind to save the lives of his countrymen was arrested for "indecency" because he was homosexual and he was forced to undergo chemical castration which he described as a horrible experience. On June 7, 1954 Alan Turing took his own life.

Had he not called attention to himself in the first place by saving his country he would have been left alone. My question to you is, "Who needs the pardon, Mr. Turing or the British Government?"