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Lucas Chess

Feb 16, 2014, 2:32 PM 4

I have discovered a very interesting training feature of Lucas Chess. Lucas Chess is a free chess gui that can be downloaded from the internet. I have discovered that one of its many features is that it allows you to play against your choice of one of its multitude of  built in engines. If you enable hints and then play your game it will show you a diagram showing your move and a diagram showing its hint along with a numeric evaluation of both moves. Thus as you play you can compare your own play against the computer's hints both by position and number. In addition when the game is over you can then get your game analyzed  with move by move evaluations. If you play a game or two each day with this program, it seems to me that over time your chess rating will improve substantially. I have just discovered this and will be playing one game a day and will report back if there is in fact an increase of my rating as a result. 

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