Techniques For Blitz

Aug 4, 2013, 7:25 AM |

These are ways that you can win even when you are losing! Bad position? No problem, just annoy your opponent with these little tricks. 


Go to "Settings" on top of screen. Then click "Play" and check Premove box. Use of pre-move can save you a lot of time when your time is running low. 

Queen Trick

If opponent only has King left and no material and you are both low on time just move your Queen around to control squares around his King forcing him to slow down and think and thus lose time. 

Surprise! Surprise!

A surprise move that may actually be a bad move but if your opponent is low on time it may make him stop and think long enough to make him run out of time. 


Keep checking your opponent, especially when he is running out of time. Each time you give a check, he has to stop and think and use up time.

Convert To An Endgame

If you have more time on your clock and the position is equal you should convert to an endgame since endgames tend to be long and drawn out and your opponent is likely to run out of time.  

Some of these ideas are explained in videos at: