What Are The Best Chess Videos Available?


Chess videos are available throughout the internet. Some are free, such as the ones on YouTube and some require that you pay a small membership fee in order to view, such as the ones on chess.com and ICC.

The YouTube videos are mostly pretty good, there is a very wide quantity available and some are made by masters and grandmasters. But because there are so many of them, it is hard to sort them out and find the ones that are best for you in terms of player strength and information. 

The videos available on chess.com are of a better quality in general than the ones on YouTube and there are many available for players of different strengths and abilities. They are made by masters and grandmasters. The problem here is not the quality of the videos but the amount available that are understandable to intermediate players.

I have found that the very best videos are those that are found on ICC. And the best ones on ICC were made by Dan Heisman. They are all understandable to intermediate players. But they there is a small membership fee to watch them. From viewing hundreds of videos on many websites over the last few years I have come to the conclusion that the very best ones are the videos in which Dan analyzes Amateur games. Here Dan points out the errors commonly made by amateur players and he shows the moves that should have been played and how to take advantages of the errors that were, in fact,  played. Dan is a plain speaking American, no accent problems and he makes his explanations in a form that is understandable to players of all strengths. As an intermediate player I can appreciate this and benefit from it. Dan is a master player so he knows what he is talking about but because he is not a gm he does not go over my head, as do some of the gm's on chess.com. The url for these videos are http://www6.chessclub.com/chessfm/index/heisman/index.html

So what do you think? Which videos on the internet do you find to be the best ones? Send in your recommendations and I would be glad to read them.