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    • Tactics Toddler -- From a learning game, a Budapest to boot!

      Throughout my learning, I've discovered that I seem to like gambits.  This probably isn't surprising.  After all, my teammates have drilled the paramount importance of development into my little brain and it has certainly resonated.   The advan... | Read More

    • A 2 for one Christmas special -- tactics toddler and annotation of a game

      A relatively new member recnetly posted on the wall of the Dan Heisman Learning Center (DHLC) that he'd like a game on 26 December and asked if anyone was interested in playing.   I responded.   I've missed long games so much. To give some of y... | Read More

    • Another tactic from a real game

      Dedicated to my teammate, HReedwork!  Always a pleasure! This was in a game I had against my teammate, HReedwork. I spotted a tactic earlier in the game that had me ahead.  Worth noting, that was actually indirectly influenced by Squarology who... | Read More

    • More tactics fun!

      Here is another tactic taken from a real game that my teammate had at a tournament.  Worth mentioning, my teammate's opening was the Rossolimo, one of my favorites to play against the Sicilian as white.  Now, as many here know, I've been workin... | Read More

    • Discovered STUFF.... the best tactics

      This one is dedicated to my teammate, JRTK73.  A big cuddly thanks for all of the help you've given me over the past few years!     I LOVE discovered stuff.......    We all know my new love of tactics.  Discovered checks, discovered attac... | Read More

    • Another post from the Tactics Toddler!

      Well, this has been one tiring week!  Despite having a day off Monday for Labor Day, my Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings were packed so I haven't had a chance to practice my tactics all week.  (I have been chatting with coworkers during ... | Read More

    • A lallapalooza of a tactics puzzle -- It's a doozie

      Okay, now when I say Doozie, of course I mean for someone who is my level.   It's a bit tricky, however, so don't underestimate it.   This is thanks to Gunners2004.  A born teacher, "Guns" knows I love tactics and will send me one from time ... | Read More

    • Lunchtime toddling tactics -- Cool mating pattern!

      I've gotten into a habit of late of practicing tactics at lunchtime.  Sometimes I totally bomb and other days, I do well.  This was one of those in between days but I came across a nifty little tactics puzzle that very nicely demonstrates a snea... | Read More

    • Another tactic from the Tactics Toddler

      I'm working on it -- I'm trying to go from a tatics toddler to a tactics teenybopper...... At any rate, another lovely little tactic that I saw on chesstempo.com.  It involves one of my favorite moves.  It had a "blitz" tactic rating of 1617 and... | Read More

    • A nice little tactic

      From a game I had with one of my favorite opponents, KSKonge, my teammate.  I wasn't doing too well in this game but then I spotted a nice little tactic.  You strong players should see it pretty easily.  It's not spectacular.  But it's a nice... | Read More