A sunday afternoon game with husband

Jul 28, 2013, 4:23 PM |

Well, it's a Sunday afternoon and time to try a game.  Poor husband.... perhaps he was too focused on the stupid NASCAR race than the game because woooo hooooooooo.... he pulled a "Cris Angel"/my favorite blunder. 

Lest you think it's EASY from that point... it's not.  I'm Cris Angel.  I find ways to screw things up.


Houdini gave me a "!" move.  I thought it was a big fat blunder.  I didn't realize it when I did it (of course), but after husband captured me, I was thinking to myself that I was going to be in the situation where I'm again ahead but just letting it slip down the commode.  But I ran it by Houdini and Houdini for some reason thinks it's brilliant.  Can you figure out why??  I'll annotate it with the "!" and mention it in the commentary when I get there.  If you can figure out why it's so terrific, let me know.   I'm baffled.