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A vegetating afternoon and a nice game

Dec 28, 2013, 5:21 PM 16

One afternoon when I had a little bit of free time, I was watching some games in live.  I came across a game played by Abhishek2 and WhirledPeas.  Abhishek is known to me from the DHLC and he's quite good so I enjoyed watching.  He played well and then won.  I mentioned in the chat what a nice game it was to watch and WhirledPeas commented -- one thing led to another (basically, I told WhirledPeas if he wanted to win, he should play me.... hehehe), and Whirledpeas kindly agreed to play me an unrated game at a relatively fast time control.  I think it was 15/10.   This is FAST for me so I had to try to think quickly.  I lost on time (what else is new?) but it was actually a very good game for me against an opponent who was absolutely lovely, kind and a heck of a lot stronger than me!

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