And the moral of the story is (again) -- DON'T PLAY WHEN SICK


My name is Cris Angel. 

I like to hang queens. 


I HATE forfeits.  So I didn't want to have to say I was ill and take a forfeit loss.  But I have been ill for over two weeks now. This feels like the virus that will never go away!   Worth noting, right now, I am also known as:

Mrs. Drippy Nose.  


Well, it's Swiss 20 and the games are (thankfully) UNRATED. Actually, when I negotiated this time, I honestly thought I'd be feeling a bit better; however, doggone it, it is just a virus that lingers!  No matter.  It's not a migraine so let's go. 

That said, despite not feeling my best, I really did have fun this round.  I had a delightful opponent who was polite and kind.  He beat me to the punch of saying hello upon commencing (that's always nice).  We stayed pretty quiet during the game.  I considered sending a message at one point when I felt I made a dreadful error because I saw a potential reply that if he had played it, I would resigned on the spot.  I'll point that out when we get to it.   I didn't send it, though, because I didn't want to give any "hint" in case he didn't see if.  If that makes sense.  ;)   It didn't matter.  I wound up making an even worse error!  

I was also very low on time.  There was a point earlier in the game that I had a few candidates in mind and it was driving me crazy to figure out how to proceed. 

When we finished, my stronger teammate (it appears that my teammate arrived just in time to see my fatal error -- good going Cris Angel! - Cripes) was kind enough to go over a few things with us.  My opponent mentioned that he had never had such a deep analysis after a game and so I'm glad it wound up being instructive.  That's what it's about, after all, and when you lose to such a nice opponent, it doesn't sting so much.  Cuddly thanks to my opponent for that!  :) 

Stronger players -- I would LOVE some advice in this.  I'll mention my candidates and perhaps play with them a bit in my annotation to see where they may have been better or worse; however,  thoughts are always welcome.