Annotated game with JoMoDo

Feb 4, 2013, 5:46 PM |

Firstly, SIT DOWN....

Do NOT faint.

Are you ready??

I actually WON....  (doggone it, I TOLD you not to faint....). 

Let's talk for a second.  I'm still VERY much a beginner.  So was my opponent.  WE BOTH missed several things - as many beginners do.  The purpose of this exericise was to try to FIND some of those things I missed.   Note to y'all stronger players:  PLEASE be nice!!   I have kicked myself for some of the things I've missed.   A good goal (besides winning which is REALLY a bonus), is learning from games. 

I fulfilled that goal.  And then some!     I also realized something else I need to work on  -- Little plans.  If my opponent spoils a plan I have, I need to TAKE MY TIME and study the board to see what else I can do, not just plunge blindly ahead.  I am positive that I missed some things because I was SO focused on one thing that I was completely oblivious to many other things going on the board. 

With that in mind, my game.