Annotated game with JoMoDo

Firstly, SIT DOWN....

Do NOT faint.

Are you ready??

I actually WON....  (doggone it, I TOLD you not to faint....). 

Let's talk for a second.  I'm still VERY much a beginner.  So was my opponent.  WE BOTH missed several things - as many beginners do.  The purpose of this exericise was to try to FIND some of those things I missed.   Note to y'all stronger players:  PLEASE be nice!!   I have kicked myself for some of the things I've missed.   A good goal (besides winning which is REALLY a bonus), is learning from games. 

I fulfilled that goal.  And then some!     I also realized something else I need to work on  -- Little plans.  If my opponent spoils a plan I have, I need to TAKE MY TIME and study the board to see what else I can do, not just plunge blindly ahead.  I am positive that I missed some things because I was SO focused on one thing that I was completely oblivious to many other things going on the board. 

With that in mind, my game. 


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    Nice job Cris! What a game you played. Nice job Jomodo as well. Wonderful game, you two.

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    Hmm, now for some of my thoughts. I'll try not to make too many excuses. ;) Though be warned, this may turn out to be a long comment. Forgive me for that.
    I'm not too used to playing as black, so moving my knight to c6 was a little earlier than planned. Though after moving, I hoped it may throw you off for your next move, if only slightly.
    Reason for not capturing the pawn on e4? I wanted to build my defense first. That's also why moves 4-7 I moved my pawns, as an attempt to keep you at bay and possibly capture later on.
    I recall really thinking if I should risk my knight on move ten, with your pawn on d5. I saw that if you were to capture, I could likewise your pawn with mine (not a fair trade on my end but still). Glad I decided to move, not only to keep my knight but also if I were to capture your pawn, it would have been easy access to my queen. Something I didn't see at the time.
    You moving your queen to a7, I thought I was going to lose quite a lot there. And apparently I would have, if I wasn't lucky enough for you to miss your chance! But at the time, I was quite proud of my little move with my knight! Then later, move 17, I thought I would be done for again! Good thing I remembered rooks can actually move forward too! ;P
    Move 14, and I was really REALLY hoping you would capture one of my knights. Atlas, you made me wait and I was never able to capture your queen.
    I didn't castle for a long time due to the fact that the area was becoming bare, and therefore less defense. Besides, I needed the rook there to be open to use, rather than be stuck useless behind all these pieces.
    From move 23 onwards, I was planning my attack and no longer worried about defense. Rather than have you come to me, I'll come to you. Move 32 was when I decided to try putting it into action.
    At move 35, I knew for sure that I wouldn't be able to pull anything off, but that's no excuse for such a careless mistake! Now I really was doomed! Didn't even have time to use my pawns as a last resort.

    In the end it was a great game, though I made many, many mistakes. You learn as you go, I suppose. Thanks for the game and I hope to have many more with you! :)

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    No, not more relaxed I don't think.  I get nervous in almost all games actually!!   The Super Bowl was on in the background and I do have noisy children and I was distracted a FEW times but that's not an excuse.  Thank you so much for your kind comments!!  I know I missed other things too.  

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    I think you're getting the essence of this thing called chess, Dr. Angel.  The short term plans, missed opportunities, having to find a way to win when you're ahead.  It doesn't come easy. 

    I'm obviously not a master myself.  My problem is impatience, so I sometimes push too hard when I think I have an advantage.  I think it's great that you went back and studied your game to see where you could have improved.  You'll become a better player because of it.


    Do you think you were more relaxed because it was an unrated game?

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