Annotated Live game with Drak0dan

Feb 7, 2013, 7:16 PM |

"Drako" is a friend of mine from the UK, the one who started me on this silly game in the first place.  (darn it...)  (just kidding!).  Anyway, Drako started just a few months before I did and really took off running.  He's FAR better than I am and seems to have a natural talent.  I'm trying really hard though - he's been nice and helped me quite a bit.  We discuss moves a lot, he shows me a lot of games and tries to teach me things in his games....  we have discussions.   He is definitely a part of why I have gotten stronger.  

Anyway, Drako challenged me to a live game!   Now -- bear in mind -- this was during my lunch hour so I had to have a shorter time control, only 30 minutes.  This, of course, means that I can't give all moves the full attention I'd like.  I missed a tactical shot early (Drako kindly pointed it out afterwards).    Whether or not I would have seen it had I been able to give more time to my moves remains to be seen.   It's a groaner though - I hope to heck I see these things soon because it must really feel good when you see something like that.

In any event, despite the loss, it's still an excellent game for me.  I put up a fight!   I have some trouble in the end game -- I'm working on those skills.  I think my beginnings have gotten stronger.  Of course I have miles to go - don't we all?  Aren't we all perpetual students?

Practice, practice, practice. 

Not a bad game for a lunch hour, eh?