Another post from the Tactics Toddler!

Sep 11, 2015, 7:24 PM |

Well, this has been one tiring week!  Despite having a day off Monday for Labor Day, my Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings were packed so I haven't had a chance to practice my tactics all week.  (I have been chatting with coworkers during lunchtime of late rather than working on tactics).  So, typical Cris Angel, if I stay away too long, I am quite rusty... I was getting several tactics wrong and missing several that I think I should have gotten a bit easier (Don't you just HATE it when you have the correct idea but move a piece to a wrong square??)  

I dare hesitate to say the name of this motif.  It might give away the puzzle. 

Again, this isn't too terribly difficult for experienced players who are pretty good at tactics-- but I'm still working my way up the ladder to becoming better at tactics. 

Let's just say I let out a nice high note when I got this right. I had the initial idea correct, but didn't visualize it all the way.   I wound up going with my instinct/gut and got it correct!  Woo and hoo!!  There's a little something interesting about this pattern that I'll explain in the puzzle.  :) 

As always, let me know how you did.