Another tactic from a real game

Sep 26, 2015, 10:25 AM |

Dedicated to my teammate, HReedwork!  Always a pleasure!

This was in a game I had against my teammate, HReedwork. I spotted a tactic earlier in the game that had me ahead.  Worth noting, that was actually indirectly influenced by Squarology who posts amusing but helpful videos that are quite instructive.   He had a video that discussed "listening to your pieces".  I had very early dreams of playing e5 at some point in this game.   

Aside from that, although ahead in material, that doesn't mean too much to a novice and it's still a huge battle before getting a win.   I was attacking best I could but then my teammate played a move.  I sent a message in the chat stating "well, that move stopped my little red wagon!".  Luckily (for once), I had a good amount of time on the clock.  I looked and looked and LOOKED and then found this.  Another friend here (from Australia --AWESOME accent, he knows who he is) once discussed that this particular tactical motif is a bit tricky....  

But, I found it.  Not without a lot of sweating, groaning and outbursts of "agghhh!!" as I thought through candidates that didn't work.

AGAIN, for you stronger players, it's not too terribly difficult.  Bear in mind, despite getting a bit stronger on tactics sites, spotting them in games is a whole different ball game. 

Worth noting, the week before this game, I prepped all week with videos and opening exercises.  All that prep was thrown out the window, though, when my opponent deviated.  :P

As always, thanks for reading and let me know how you did.