Calculating incorrectly again -- THIS time in MY favor

Mar 21, 2015, 9:49 AM |

GO Swiss Round 2.  The opponent is still higher than I am but, of course, I'll still try my best and give the best fight I can. 

Once again, I have done my homework.  I looked up the games of my opponent as white and it does appear that he plays e4.  Phew.  However, if he looks up MY games, he will see that I almost always play e5 in response to e4.   I saw a blog written by my opponent and he played the Guioco Piano.  I'm a little familiar with that but he's probably FAR more experienced than I am.  There's another opening I can try against the e4.. .that's the french defense.  

I like the french defense as white and I've learned it a bit as black as well and liked it.   I did some prep with the french defense and decide to try it.

RIGHT OFF THE BAT, my opponent deviated from ALL that I had studied.  I sent a message (teasing) that he wasn't cooperating and all my prep was out the window.  My opponent was absolutely LOVELY.   Had some nice comments prior to the game and made me smile so I figured I could get in a little teasing comment.  My opponent was VERY good natured about it.  I don't remember what he said but we started the game with a little giggle.  I then sent a message stating that I would be quiet so we could both concentrate.  And thus we began.

I have a habit of calculating incorrectly.  It comes with the territory, I suppose, when one is a novice.  I actually did it again, but this time, the calculation error worked in MY favor!   I have trouble visualizing and at one point, I pictured a FEW different variations in my mind and my opponent DID  START the sequence in one of the ways that I visualized.  As it turned out, the opponent made an error and I actually wound up TWO pawns ahead; however, if he had played another way I pictured, I STILL would have been one pawn ahead, not one behind as I had pictured.  So this time, the miscalculation WORKED. 

Let's not rely on THAT though.... I will still work on my calculation skills and tactics.

At another point, I was thinking about "hanky panky" but was a bit wary about playing it as I wasn't fully developed it.  And in Art of War, we have a few rules, one of which is:


I broke that rule, JUSTTTTTT A teensy bit.  But it paid off.  

Let's take a peek.  HUGE cuddly thanks to my delightful opponent.  We've known each other a while but have never had the pleasure to play.  I hope we get to play again.  As can happen, I started to get a headache (sigh, what else...) and towards the end, my head was splitting so I asked for the draw.  My opponent didn't have to take it.  I think I was atually losing my advantage.  But he DID take it and I am extremely thankful for that!   Had I NOT had a headache, this would have ranked right up there with one of my most enjoyable games.  

Are you ready?