DHLC Chat Club - Game with Gunners2004

Jun 11, 2013, 3:47 PM |

Well, a stronger player (MUCH MUCH STRONGER) was kind enough to offer to do a game with me.  I was a bit reluctant.  Dang.  Strong player.  I'm going to take a WHIPPING something AWFUL....

My opponent, however, was lovely.  He seemed to know my level of understanding.  Funny that this came about as a result of MY watching a game of Gunners2004 on the previous Sunday.   I had come in towards the end of that game but...

(((((tooting anticipatory horn))))

I spotted a tactic.

I think that was THE FIRST time I had actually spotted a tactic in a game.  I've been doing tactics exercises and have been quite frustrated because although I may see them (or not) in the tactic trainers, I NEVER EVER see them in games.  I suppose I don't know what to look for.  In any event, this was the first time I had actually spotted one in a game and I knew what to do!

It was probably considered a very easy one.  One player checked the king... king has to address it, can't capture the checking piece as it has protection (it's easiest to mate with the queen.... she just has to have protection), and then the original player gets a free piece. 

Gunners2004's opponent resigned and I wrote in the comments that I spotted the tactic.  Amazingly enough, Gunners2004 took about 45 minutes of his time and we went through that game.  He found positions and asked me to tell him everything I could spot in a given position.   He DID make me promise to play him a game in the Chat Club the following evening.

So here it is.   My opponent warned me several times throughout the game when I needed to see something and we discussed positions, strategies, et cetera... but I made the moves on my own.  In the end, I got bitten in the rear by a fork (don't I always?  those PESKY KNIGHTS!) and I probably could have resigned but ... time was about out anyway, less than 30 seconds, and while I was still considering, it ran out.  No matter.  I did have fun despite the beating. 

So here we go.... 

Terrific example of a stronger player in the DHLC supporting someone who is learning.  Thank you for that!