Discovered STUFF.... the best tactics

Sep 19, 2015, 7:10 AM |

This one is dedicated to my teammate, JRTK73.  A big cuddly thanks for all of the help you've given me over the past few years!  


I LOVE discovered stuff.......   

We all know my new love of tactics.  Discovered checks, discovered attacks, even discovered checkmates. Here are two more "discovered" tactics.  (that's your only hint!)

The first was in a game I had against my awesome teammate from New Zealand, JRTK73.   The time difference between us is HUGE yet we manage to find times to play which is cool.   JRTK73 loves to teach and no matter how dumb my move may be, he never makes fun of me.... just finds a way to teach. He's the first of the Dan Heisman Learning Center (DHLC) members who, when playing in one of their in-hourse tournaments, encouraged me NOT to resign but to keep going to learn from it (and maybe one of my earliest ALMOST switcheroo games since essentially I started looking for best moves for my opponent).      Anyway, that early game a few years ago was one of the first examples I had of the great sportsmanship seen in the DHLC.   In any event, JRTK73 is a LOT stronger than I am and I thought I had a PERFECT setup but missed the "tactic"......    I'm showing the board from black's point of view since I was black and thus "upside down" to see what white could do.  I totally missed it and got bitten in the behind BUT I learned something!!

The next is another "discovered" beauty, actually two of them, one of which is rather obvious.  Not a terribly difficult tactic and I DID get this one right, I'm happy to say.  Kind of neat though and I'll explain in the puzzle. 
Discovered tactics are a bit tougher for a "toddler" like me but when I spot one of these in a game, it's "music". 
Let me know how you did!