Evidence that I might.. JUST MIGHT be improving?

Jun 22, 2013, 7:25 PM |

Alrighty!  It's time for the Saturday 3-D REAL board and pieces.  My poor husband.  He hasn't played in years and has forgotten a LOT... and he doesn't have the benefit of all the help that I'm getting in the DHLC (don't ask him to join... he hates electronics!!)  

Anyway, we've been doing this on Saturdays of late.  We get a couple of practice games in.  I THINK I have two symphonies.  You stronger players can probably see much faster ways to do it and no doubt I probably made some foolish move that a stronger player would have punished severely.  But hey - we're amateurs - and these are two games where I had FUN and tried to punish mistakes made by my opponent.  

My husband is fascinated with knights as you will see.  Hee hee. 

These helped my confidence a bit.  I really needed this since I've been so discouraged lately.  These give me hope.  Maybe I can become decent yet!

Anyway, I did one as white and one as black.  Here we go: 

Game #2.  I'm black this time.  Let's see how I do, shall we?