GO Swiss Round 4 - And sometimes, it clicks

Apr 6, 2015, 6:44 PM |

Okay, so here we go, round 4.  After last week's VERY exciting game, I was pumped.   I was hoping to prep this week but upon looking at my opponent's games and trying to do my homework, I discovered that I had no earthly idea what my opponent would do.  It seems that he sometimes plays the Ruy, sometimes plays the Sicilian (oh please NOT the Sicilian...), and sometimes plays openings with which I am not familiar with in the least so I guess I just have to concentrate on opening principles of development, get the pieces developed, look out for checks, threats, captures, etc.

Once again, I had a most delightful and kind opponent.  Once again, I received a wonderful compliment from my opponent who told me that I proved that rating is just a number.  My opponent sent me a message that just brightened my whole day and said: "Your play demonstrated what I see quoted from time to time that ratings are just numbers.....lol....I felt I was playing about a 1700+!!"