OTB game with husband 03/30/2013


So....  I think I'm a little different from most of the players here.  I LEARNED how to play two dimensionally - that is, I really haven't played too much on a REAL board with real pieces.  I find it extraordinarily difficult.  I get confused easily  since I'm not used to three dimensional playing.

Sooooo..... husband hasn't played in years either so is essentially a beginner.   He just plays a bit with me from time to time but really other than that, hadn't played since high school.  

Enter Dacster13....    Dacster13 is on my Swiss 5 team and has been practicing with me and the other teammates.  He's quite good and helps me out.   He happened to be chatting with us at the time so I teased and said that the husband and I were going to play a game, did he want me to text him the moves and he could "watch" blindfolded.....   (oxymoron there, eh?).   Dacster agreed so after each move one of us made, I'd text the move.   All three of us were in on this.   So we began..... 

Come towards the end... It HAD to be confusing, I would think but Dacster was still seeing things.  I could tell because he'd text us with a remark about the position, such as "piece such and such is threatening such and such... the such and such piece is on # square", et ceter.

So.... I make a move towards the end with my knight.  I glance over at the chat to see if there are any texts and sure enough, Dacster remarked "mate". 

And I said, "mate?"   OH!  For crying out loud!  Dacster who is BLINDLY "watching" my game realized I had mate before I REALIZED I had mate.   The husband knew he was in check and was trying to determine if there was a way out of it but neither of us realized it was mate.

Ha ha!  I got such a laugh out of that!  Dacster knew I had mate before I did and the board was right in FRONT of me (albeit THREE dimensional board with real pieces!)

Anyway, it was a fun game and a "SYMPHONY" for me.  :)   So it's worth sharing.  Husband is a good sport.   Since he is virtually a beginner too, don't expert brilliance from eihter one of us!