Practice game with Yvan

Apr 5, 2013, 7:23 PM |

More practice games with the husband.  THIS time, I'm black.  Dexter decided to practice blindfold "watching" again and I am glad because my goodness, I need practice in recording my games.  Good Lord, I get so mixed up, especially when I'm black.  I think the sixth rank is the third rank, last week I.... well, I did something SO dumb, I won't even mention it here.  (shudder, shudder just thinking about it.  Cripes). 

Anyway, remember, I have a hard time on a three dimensional board.  This was tough.  And ONLY CRIS ANGEL can be so far ahead and still almost manage to get checkmated.  For cripe's sake.  I'm lucky he didn't see it. 

Full annotation to come.... cuddly hugs and thank you to Dexter for helping me to record this.  We went through a few variations.  I'll fully annotate another time since I'm quite tired now.  But here is the game.  It's an interesting one that lucky for me wound up with a lovely last note.  ;)