Quad #20 game with Eyeam

Jan 9, 2013, 4:07 PM |

Alright.  Truth be told.  I got supremely frustrated in this game.   I felt like it was a running game... I ran from the opponent almost the whole time.

I got an analysis of this and amazingly enough, I only had one blunder (drat).   I think, though, that I only had one blunder because all I was doing was retreating/defending with moves where I didn't have a choice.  First the pawns were annoying the daylights out of my bishop and then that ... .that... .PESKY knight was a pain in the... well, you know. 

Goal here:  Learn from the game.   I certainly made it easy for the opponent so I did NOT fulfill my "don't make it an easy win" goal.  I also didn't feel that I focused well.  I am not sure why.  My opponent was not arrogant or condescending in any way and, in fact, helped remind me to calm a bit when he sensed I was flustered.    Perhaps I didn't focus because of a long day at work or something like that...  Eyeam even offered to go over the game with me but I declined.  My ego was bruised.  I felt like crying (but I didn't... ) not because I lost (heh.... we all know I lose all the time!!)  but because I was disappointed in myself for not focusing and not feeling like I gave a challenge.  I suppose all players have times like that though so it's just another step in the learning process.  I'm over that feeling now, picked myself up and dusted myself off to put my ego aside and LEARN from my mistakes.

So, we'll try to turn a positive out of this loss and learn from it.  And... I did.  See variations for some of what I learned.