Quad 32 - Round 6

Mar 13, 2013, 9:54 AM |

My last game for quad 32.  (ouch.  Just thinking about that quad....  cripes... the only player without a single win out of SIX.  ***sigh***)

I'm a beginner.  I think we all know that by now.  And I suck.  Well, I'm trying, I'm getting better I think I'm getting stronger but the fact of the matter is, I am still not very good at this!  It takes YEARS, I think and even then.... there is always something to learn. 

I'm kicking myself over a few things here, as I often do when I go over a game afterwards.   I think a few things interefere, mostly nervousness with the time pressure (even though these are "slow" games" at 45/45).   I'm also intimidated when I play with people who are clearly stronger players than I am.  I shouldn't be --- that's not the right attitude -- but I'm human and I admit to that.  Cie la vie.

Anyway, the first time I played Kat in quad 32, she trounced me in five moves.  I was scared to death to play her again!  It took me a while to get over the sting of that loss (I STILL shudder when thinking about that at times!).   Nevertheless, it taught me a HUGE lesson, one that I was able to USE against another player who played a similar opening -- and I KNEW WHAT TO DO thanks to that lesson.  It also taught me the importance of f7.  Having been burned BADLY by that, I'm very cognizant of it these days.  So, we learn from our losses. 


1.  Focus as much as possible.  Feel that I'm doing my best given my skill level.

2.  Do NOT give the opponent an easy win.

Well, not quite on goal 2.  But I did focus.  And dang, I made it three times longer than my first round with her!  So it goes down in the success column despite the loss.

And now, the game.