Round 5 Slow Swiss

Jun 20, 2013, 6:34 PM |

I think I've mentioned it before.

Let's repeat it.


Truth be told, I was dreading this game.  My confidence is REALLY lacking.  I feel like I can't do anything.  So, what is the best thing to do?  Try to do my homework and prepare.  So, I looked at my opponent's old games.  I studied them.  Hmmm... I'm black this game so I determine the opening.  Kind of anyway. And it appears that when my opponent is white, he often plays e4 and it goes into the Ruy Lopez.  Sometimes a french.  Fine.  I kind of like them both.  I'm more familiar with the Ruy Lopez though.  So let me practice that.

so I did a practice game - disaster.  But that's okay - Hopefully, I'll make the mistakes in the practice game and not in the real game.  

Real game comes around.

Move 3 - he is NOT doing the Ruy Lopez.  In fact, he's doing something I'm not used to.



"What's wrong?" my opponent asked.

"This isn't the Ruy Lopez!" I wrote.  "I did my homework! You usually play the Ruy Lopez when you're white and that's what I was expecting.  Now I'm STUCK!"

I was told this was the Scotch.

(that is now turning into a 4-letter word in my vocabulary..  I'm HATING that opening with a passion)

"It's an aggressive opening," my opponent remarked.

You don't need aggressive against Cris Angel!!  For cripe's sakes!  Just show up and you'll win!  

Yes, yes... I know.  Don't go into it with a losing attitude.  But as I said, I'm VERY discouraged of late and I'd be lying if I said I felt otherwise.   Once this swiss event is over, I'm getting back to work on basics.  I need some confidence building exercises and we will work on that, tactics and the psychological aspect of my game. 

For now though.


1.   Focus as much as possible.  Feel like I'm doing my best given my skill level.    (((((((BUZZZZZZZZZ)))))) I don't think so.

2.   Do NOT give the opponent an easy win.  Make him work for it. ((((((((((BUZZZZZZ))))))))))))  I don't think so. 

3.    Survive 15 moves.  Seriously.  That was a goal I put in my Team group site.  (((((((((((((((((BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ))))))))   Three for three.  STrike out.  


Another disaster. 

I'm told I had a few nice moves though.   AND, I need to learn what I can do against this monstrosity of an opening, so I'm annotating, even if my rear end is still burning from the beating.