Slow Quad #28 Round 6 - Aaaahhhhh.... so close and yet.......

Feb 17, 2013, 11:18 AM |

When I started this game, I was feeling kind of groggy.  It wasn't THAT early in the morning.  I'm accustomed to waking at around 5:45 am and this was at 10 -- so not early by any means.   But I've had absoutely HORRENDOUS Quad and Slow Swiss games of late.  Blundering early and I think my nerves were REALLY playing a number on me.  Nevertheless, we can't RUN AWAY when that happens.  We have to face our fears.  So here I am again, not feeling too well, feeling very mentally fuzzy and nervous as heck. 


1.   Focus as much as possible.  Try to do my best, the absolute best I can given my skills and abilities.

2.   Do NOT give the opponent an easy win.  Make him fight for it.

I did that!  Wheeeeeeeeeeee!!!  

Now, if only I could remember to blunder check with EVERY MOVE and not get too excited.  Dang it all anyway.  

Nevertheless, it's a very good game for me.  Until that last extremely fatal blunder, I think I was doing well!  I was putting up a fight for the center, trying to remember to look at safety (insert, "yeah, Cris Angel, you REALLY looked at safety for that last move, didn't you!!??" -- Subconscious, YOU KEEP OUT OF THIS!)

Okay... no more dawdling.   Here's the game.   And keep your kicking boots in the closet.  I kicked myself enough, I promise