Slow Quad #28 Round 6 - Aaaahhhhh.... so close and yet.......

When I started this game, I was feeling kind of groggy.  It wasn't THAT early in the morning.  I'm accustomed to waking at around 5:45 am and this was at 10 -- so not early by any means.   But I've had absoutely HORRENDOUS Quad and Slow Swiss games of late.  Blundering early and I think my nerves were REALLY playing a number on me.  Nevertheless, we can't RUN AWAY when that happens.  We have to face our fears.  So here I am again, not feeling too well, feeling very mentally fuzzy and nervous as heck. 


1.   Focus as much as possible.  Try to do my best, the absolute best I can given my skills and abilities.

2.   Do NOT give the opponent an easy win.  Make him fight for it.

I did that!  Wheeeeeeeeeeee!!!  

Now, if only I could remember to blunder check with EVERY MOVE and not get too excited.  Dang it all anyway.  

Nevertheless, it's a very good game for me.  Until that last extremely fatal blunder, I think I was doing well!  I was putting up a fight for the center, trying to remember to look at safety (insert, "yeah, Cris Angel, you REALLY looked at safety for that last move, didn't you!!??" -- Subconscious, YOU KEEP OUT OF THIS!)

Okay... no more dawdling.   Here's the game.   And keep your kicking boots in the closet.  I kicked myself enough, I promise



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    @niraj, I agree. A Queen for a Bishop can be distressing on the receiving end, but until you see that your opponent knows exactly how to bring home the point, keep playing. At the least you can see how a stronger player converts advantages. Plus I've seen many a stalemate in dominating positions.

    The funniest anecdote is when I brought a friend's son to a scholastic tournament. He was new, having fun, and losing pieces right and left... Finally my friend's son only had his King left! Then hilarity ensued when his opponent was chasing him around around with a Queen, a Rook, and a Bishop. All over the board they went, back and forth until... OOPS stalemate!

    And strong players play on too. The President of my OTB club (around 1700-1800 USCF) regularly makes his opponents checkmate him. He has acquired quite a few 1/2 points due to stalemates and blunders - LOL.

    Its not over till its over :-)

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    Cris, a small little suggestion. Don't resign right after he took the queen. Only resign when the time is right. Resign when he is totally dominating you. If he is winning by a queen, play till you are in a position where you are down more than a queen, rook, and minor piece. Keep playing until you eventually reach that position, unless you never do. :P

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    Where is the game? :-)

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