Slow Swiss #2 - Game with Barnstorm

After my last rather disappointing showing (and I'm sure people will tell me that we ALL have games like that), I needed to try to jump back on the horse and try again.  So, let's recall my goals:

1.   Focus as much as possible.  Feel that I am playing up to the absolute best of my abilities.

2.   Do NOT give the opponent an easy win.  Make him work for it.

I DID THAT!!  And BOY did I do that!! 

It's always nice when you have an opponent who is pleasant.  Barnstorm was a most gracious and pleasant opponent. 

Let's remember.  I'm a beginner who has played MAYBE nine and a half months.   I joined in October 2011, played one game, got destroyed, and didn't come back until March 2012.  That is when I REALLY tried to start learning.  There are things I miss here.  Tactics were missed and had I seen them, I would have won.   I also had a "brain workout".  I was TIRED towards the end of this.  It was mentally exhausting for me and I'll have to work on endurance along with openings, tactics, middle game, blunder checking, end game.... the list is endless, isn't it???  We're all probably perpetual students.  

With that in mind, my game.




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    Doc, I also blunder when I am tired. Aside from getting more sleep, which may not be possible, you could try standing up and pacing a little every 5 moves or so, to keep everything flowing. In a live chess game this should not be too much of an issue. In a weekend OTB tournament, walking around can be distracting because there are so many other interesting games (grass is always greener elsewhere) and that takes away from thinking about your game - LOL

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    Yes, I was low on time. I really take my time. I think I had possibly eight minutes left at most. And I don't know how to record time right now really. I'm sure it's easy. In a few of my games, my blunders came because I was low on time. And I lost one game on time. Sirivanhoe was watching and he did tell me that he liked how I was taking my time, especially in the middle game. My blunder here came for a few reasons, one in that I'm not good at calculating yet and I calculated wrong and two, I was very tired.

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    You should tell us , how much time did you spend? I think that's the most important issue in your game strenght. You should annotate the remaining time, in this game 35 moves should be about 5-10 minutes left in your clock (if you had much more then you know what you have to do)

    In a 45/45 game,  at least, you should spend 45 seconds per move. You are a beginner so you have to check more the safety of your moves.

    Whitout the times is dificult to tell you something like " work on tactics", because i dont know how much you spent, for example, on 21. Bg3

    By the way , you are in the right direction, analyze your own games is the best way to improve.

    Good luck next time

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    Hi fellow DHLC member. I'm sure this will help you:


    Yep, the same opponent and opening. Feel free to ask any question

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    Some comments:

    6.h3, yup I would not waste my time with that move.

    11.Bh4, I think Bf4 would also work

    15.Re1, ok I won't say it - LOL

    16.Nd2, you can deal with e4 simply with exd5 and you have a fork again... after exchanging rooks, and the knight fleeing the scene, you still have an extra pawn :-)

    17...Bxd4, no need to beat yourself up. The middlegame is very challenging for anyone

    26.Nd4, we all do stinker moves, don't beat yourself up, just call it a stinker and move on :-)

    35.Rd7+, you are too funny. I should tell you about the time I lost two minor pieces in the first 10 moves of a game at my local club. Ugh...

    Looking at the whole board, keeping the plot in your head, and having the courage to make the right move are important skills. You are improving in all three. Could you do better? Sure. So could I. It's all relative.

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