Slow Swiss #2 annotated game

Okay, I think this may well be one of my best games yet.  I lost (naturally).   Nevertheless, I once again fulfilled my goals of focusing and not giving the opponent an easy win.  I missed a few golden opportunities (as I am sure many beginners do).  ALSO, I got this analyzed and according to the analysis, I only had THREE blunders!!  And they might not be what you think!!   It's a shame because I really think I had a chance in this one.  I feel that I did better in this game than many of my others.  Of note, ALL blunders of mine came because I was under time pressure.  Time was runnining out.  I tend to panic when that happens and I can't give the board my full attention/analysis as I've been learning to do and trying very hard to do.   It almost seems like even 45 minutes is not enough time!  Hopefully, though, I'll get a bit faster at analyzing my position.  I'll recognize things faster and be able to figure out what to do faster.  These are all goals.   We did go more than 40 moves... so that's pretty good for me under time controls.  ;) 

Please remember, I'M A BEGINNER.  I've only played for about nine and a half months.  And I don't think this is a bad effort.  Some of the more experienced players will no doubt see a ton of things I missed. 





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    Yes I resigned. I only had my king left. It was pointless to continue.

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    did you resign? i think that could have been a draw....

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    I have to say, I am not a fan of that "I lost (naturally)" comment - think positive remember? Just because you are lower rated doesn't mean you can't win.

    That statement seems to imply that you have accepted that you are going to lose! Never do that or you will continue to find that you are missing chances to surprise or upset your opponents, and won't be as vigilant in the search for those good moves.

    And it is notjust beginners who miss golden opportunities. There endless grandmaster games where they too have missed something obvious. Sounds like a future DHLC newspetter puzzle theme doesn't it?

    I will have a look at your game and send some notes in the next few days.

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