Slow Swiss 5 - Round 1

Apr 16, 2013, 6:55 PM |

Alright, round 1 in Swiss 5.   Out of 80 players, I'm ranked as (drum roll, please), 79th!!  Wheeee!!  I'm NOT at the bottom!!   That said, the first round in Swiss is often against a player MUCH higher ranked (uh, yes... and I was irritated that I'd be losing two ranking points - I should have only had one at stake!!  hehehe).

Anyway, I did not expect to win.   I'm being realistic.  This is someone who is over 500 points higher than me.  But what I WILL do is remember my goals when I play in these things.  Let's recall:

1.  Focus as much as possible.  Feel like I'm doing the absolute best given my skill level and abilities.

2.  Do NOT give the opponent an easy win.  Make them fight for it.


Okay, well, up until my last bonehead move, I fulfilled both goals.   So really, it's a bit of a "VICTOIRE" for me.  And my opponent couldn't have been nicer.